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I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV and my family has called Las Vegas home for over five generations and counting. I decided to start Hughes Hemp LLC in honor of my grandfather, Erwin Lee Hughes who had his fair share of ups and downs in "Sin City". From an aspiring, traveling self taught musician to a young father of four children working as a bartender, blackjack dealer, poker dealer and pit boss, whom also liked to par take in all the fun Las Vegas had to offer. Lee Hughes wasn’t afraid to let the casinos have it and speak his mind, of course, while getting escorted out of the property....but not without comps in hand. My grandpa Lee was a proud supporter/smoker of cannabis since the age of 17 while running the streets in Las Vegas, NV. Unfortunately, he also smoked cigarettes from about that age. In 1994, Lee suffered his first mini stroke and was told to give up smoking cigarettes. He just would not quit. A few years later, he was diagnosed with Diabetes 2, and was told he MUST quit smoking cigarettes. He just would not quit. Lee would always say, "If i could buy a pack of joints, i would quit smoking cigarettes". Erwin Lee Hughes passed away on August 10, 2007 and did not get a chance to witness the legalization of cannabis, however, he did also always say....."it was just a matter of time". My grandpa would have a smile from ear to ear if he was still alive and had the opportunity to go pick out the various cannabis and CBD products at a local dispensary. The future is now. 

I myself have been competing in extreme sports since i was 3 years old. Starting with BMX racing where i became 3rd In the nation. At age 9 I began racing motocross and was ranked top 5 in multiple nationals and outdoor races in the nation. At age 13, i was riding at one of our local tracks Sandy Valley, my vision suddenly disappeared and i could no longer see. I was taken to the hospital, diagnosed with Uveitis of the eyes and put on a high dosage of intravenous steroids in an attempt to stop the swelling of the nerve that attaches to the retina. The medication made me feel terrible, although necessary at the time to keep my eyesight. I also suffer from chronic anxiety and began to research and consume CBD about 6 years ago. I have tried many different products and brands and it was with my own health issues that i decided that my goal was to try to make a difference in the world by helping other people live a healthy life, from the inside out.

In loving memory of Erwin Lee Hughes


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