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Ease your uncertainty & increase your comfort. Our CBD products can be used for several different benefits including stress, chronic pain, and insomnia.

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Release the pressure and feel like you again. Our CBD products can be used for several different benefits to have you focusing on what’s most important. Yourself & your goals.

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Our products are non-GMO and are grown to the best organic standards. No heavy metals, additives, pesticides, or residual toxins.

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Having a hard time managing stress and pain? Our users take our products to help relieve symptoms of anxiety and treat chronic pain.

What People Are Saying About Hughes Hemp


Born and raised in Las Vegas. I’ve lived a blessed and grateful life and have now set out to start a quality CBD brand in honor of my grandfather who was one of the strongest cannabis supporters of his generation.

J.T. Hajewski

About Us

Hughes Hemp CBD was made in honor of Erwin Lee Hughes. From an aspiring, traveling self taught musician to a young father of four children working as a bartender, blackjack dealer, poker dealer and pit boss, whom also liked to par take in all the fun Las Vegas had to offer. Erwin Lee Hughes who had his fair share of ups and downs in "Sin City" was a proud supporter of cannabis & the benefits since the age of 17. Erwin Lee Hughes passed away on August 10, 2007 and did not get a chance to witness the legalization of cannabis, however, he did also always say....."it was just a matter of time". Mr. Hughes would’ve have a smile from ear to ear if he was still alive and had the opportunity to go pick out the various cannabis and CBD products at a local dispensary.
The future is now.